May 28, 2007

Carcassonne the medival city

Carcassonne one of the strongholds of the Cathars in the 1200. Later the city was expanded by the French. Today it presents itself as a giant tourist trap. Maybe a "must" to see in South of France but be there early in the morning or as here a bit out of season on a grey day to avoid the usual "tourist invasion"...

Klick for a series of 9 Carcassonne photos...
City (pop., 1999: 43,950), southwestern France. Situated on the Aude River, it was occupied by the Iberians in the 5th century BC and later by Gallo-Romans. Muslims took it in AD 728. The French soldier Simon de Montfort captured it c. 1209, and in 1247 it was united with the French crown. It was burned by Edward the Black Prince in 1355 when he failed to take the citadel. A 13th-century church and cathedral survive, as do remains of medieval fortifications, the last of which were designated a World Heritage site in 1997. The city's main economic activities are tourism and retailing. (Ref. Brittanica)

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