August 31, 2008

Gudstjeneste i Landsbykirken

Sokneprest Erling Nevland i Spydeberg Kirke

Gudstjeneste med dåp, innsettelse av sokneprest og presentasjon av kantor. Søndag 31. august i Spydeberg kirke.
Fotosett med 27 bilder - klikk her >>

August 25, 2008

In the land of the Cathars

In the land of the Cathars you will find many beatiful landscapes and villages. As in the photo above from the Limoux region.
You are also invited to see my photo set with more photos of this region and also some selected photos from the Cathar towns: Mirepoix and Foix.

August 15, 2008

Canal Midi by Castelnaudary

The small village Castelnaudary in Languedoc - South of France is perfect for a boat trip along the beatiful Canal Midi.
The Canal du Midi or Canal des Deux Mers (Occitan: Canal de las Doas Mars / Canal del Miègjorn) is a 240 km long canal in the south of France, le Midi. The canal connects the Garonne River to the Étang de Thau on the Mediterranean. The canal runs from the city of Toulouse down to the Mediterranean port of Sète (which was founded to serve as the eastern terminus of the Canal.)The original purpose of the Canal du Midi was to be a shortcut between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, avoiding the long sea voyage around hostile Spain, Barbary pirates, and a trip that in the 17th century required a full month of sailing. The strategic value of this is obvious and it had been discussed for centuries, in particular when King Francis I brought Leonardo da Vinci to France in 1516 and commissioned a survey of a route from the Garonne at Toulouse to the Aude at Carcassonne.

August 2, 2008

Summer in Värmland, Sweden

Värmland in in the SouthWest of Sweden have many lakes, rivers and canals
- very popular in the Summer time for boats, canoes and many leisure activties.
In this photoset some impressions from a boat trip from the regional center Årjäng to the canal and sluices in Gustavsfors and back.