March 26, 2013

The Capercaille by the road

Waiting for the spring the Capercaille do his dance along the mountain road in Valdres, Norway,mistaken our Mercedes to be his choosen hen.... What a life .....


March 7, 2013

The 4 year old ski jumper


A playground for skiing and other activities for the children... quite the thing in Norway to teach the young ones to the winter life and activities asap in their young lifes :-)

Here from Spydeberg, a small village 50km southeast of the capitol Oslo.

March 2, 2013

Notre Dame des Anges in Collioure

The Notre Dame des Anges, Collioure, dated eighteenth century.

It was built in 1684 following the destruction ordered by Vauban in 1672 of the former St. Mary's Church in the center of the city.

The village is thus moved a few hundred meters on its current location.

The dome of the tower, so characteristic, was added in 1810, relatively recently.

The tower was formerly used as a lighthouse for sailors wishing to return to port.