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Jack at Leucate in France SouthEast
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“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst"
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Main interest is Photo and Video, mostly from my travels in my home country Norway and Europe.
  • Presently I am using a mirrorless systemcamera from Panasonic, Lumix GX7 with a Lumix pancake lens 20mm (f.1,7) and alternates with an Olympus lens: 14-150mm (or in 35mm= 28-300mm)
    (so far very satisfied with this gear).
    The last years I also use more and more my iphone6+ as the quality of photos have been improved, especially for use on Internet.
  • My first camera, a long time ago, was a Kodak Instamatic.
  • Living in Norway in a little village 30 min outside of Oslo. 
  • Quality time to be spent in the mountains, Valdres, where we have a mountain house, or in our apartment in South of France.
  • Participated in many interesting photo workshops i.e. in:Poland, Netherland,Switzerland, Luxembourg, Romania, France, Portugal and Italy.
  • Some photos from these meetings at flickr>>
  • At my mountain cottage I have had visiting photo friends from:
  • Netherland, France, Belgium, Russia and US.

Winter at the Mountain Cottage

Brief history of Norway

Norway mapNorway flag
Two centuries of Viking raids into Europe tapered off following the adoption of Christianity by King Olav Trygvason in 994. Conversion of the Norwegian kingdom occurred over the next several decades. In 1397, Norway was absorbed into a union with Denmark which would last app 400 years. Norway was first independent in 1814 - still in an alliance with Sweden until 1905 before complete on our own.

A little of how and where I work at the net..
  • I organize my work based on this Photo and Travel blog.
  • When a new blogpost is published I link the photos to Flickr and/or Google photos and also link it to my twitter account under the name: TrekEarth by JRJ (link below).
  • Flickr is today my main photosite. Presently I have had more than 2 million hits at my photos and also many responses, even some sales of photos presented at Flickr.
  • Photofolia is, pr. today, a smaller photosite where I participate from time to time. It is a friendly and nice group of members (several coming from trekearth) at this photosite.
  • A periode I was quite active at trekearth and to some degree Photopedia (now closed)  - but prefer today this blog as my main channel to present my work.
  • I have lately not done so many videos. But usually presents my videos at both Youtube and Vimeo.
I regard myself as an amateur photog - but have had the pleasure to have many requests for my photos over the years which also includes selling some photos to the commercial market or write articles about places of interest.

  • Pls. find below links to the internet sites I am represented:

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