October 23, 2016

After the summer season - burning some debris at the mountain cottage. Valdres. Norway

After the summer we are up at our mountain place and cleaning up i.e. burning some debris from trees and plants. At the photo is the Madam in full swing. After starting this (rather large) fire it burned for 3 days.

October offered some really fine days for outdoor activities.  To the left in the photo our small guest house.

October 17, 2016

Flying South from Valdres. Norway

I made this stitch of 7 photos when visiting a small summit near our mountain cottage. Look at the shadow in the lower left - seems like a bird is sailing above the landscape - in a way like we are departing from this landscape - and in fact we are going to the South of France and our apartment close to the Spanish border this weekend.

To the left in the photo you will see some white buildings which is one of the most popular high mountain resort hotel in this part of the country: Storefjell Hotell.
Then the flat landscape to the right which is a big flat high mountain plain: Fløtenhovda. BTW right in the middle of the landscape is our mountain cottage situated.  In fact from that place we have looked over to this summit we are visiting for almost 30 years - without never hiking here (it looked so small and we preferred some more challenging summits time after time until this day in October).

A fine weekend to all of you - next posting sometimes over the  weekend...

October 13, 2016

October night at the cottage with a touch of Northern Light. Valdres. Norway

I have this mountain cottage in the Southern part of Norway. App. 1000km South of the Polar Circle.
It is very rare that we have the Northern light at this place and in fact this was the first time for many years that we happend to be at the cottage when we also could see the Northern light.

My camera position is a bit to the NorthWest and mostly the green color tells us that we are in the outskirt to register the special Northern light.

For those with interest for the tech: Camera is Lumix GX7 with a 20 mm pancavke lens (1.7). Shutter is 15sec. F-stop 5.6. ISO 800.

Northern light - Auroroa Borealis. Valdres. Norway

Situated some 1000km South of the Polar Circle it is a rare occasion to spot the Northern light - Aurora borealis.

We was up there in our mountain cottage when we could see the green light at the sky to the north.
So for once it was very fun to just step out of the cootage, setting up the camera and tripod in the dark night and try out some photos.

For any one interested I used my Lumix GX7 with a 20mm pancake lens. Manual setting for sharpness.  F. 15 seconds and A 5.6. ISO 1600

Maybe not the most dramatic patterns - but good enough so far South.

Autumn in the mountain. Valdres. Norway

We have this week had some fantastic days up in the mountains here in the South Part of Norway.

Above a small summit - a crossing point for many paths crisscrossing this large mountain plateau in the small valley Tisleidalen. BTW this point is only some 30 minutes walk from our cottage up here.

Have a fine weekend.

October 10, 2016

October Sunset. Spydeberg. Norway

I was sitting in my room and editing some photos one afternoon in October. And then as I turned around there was a great sunset play right outside over the houses on the nearest hill. Enjoy.

This photo is an iphone6+ shot from the terrasse at my home.

October 5, 2016

Large panorama view of Oslo, Norway

6 photos stitched (klick for larger version) - presented from the best place to do photos like this in Oslo - the Ekeberg Hill.
Should you be in Oslo go to the Ekeberg restaurant - make your pano and after that enjoy a lunch or dinner in the newly refurbished Ekeberg Restaurant.  I f you want even more take a stroll in the new Sculpture park in the Ekeberg Park - a tribute to women.

In the foreground you have new apartment buildings in the old quay Sørenga. right behind to the right you may see the Oslo Opera, the sentral station and the new office-buildings close by. In the hill in the far back you may be able to identify the Holmenkollen Ski-jump. The ferry to the left is going daily to Copenhagen in Denmark, while right behind that one there is another in the far back: The daily ferry to Kiel in Germany. And of course many other landmarks can be seen.

My last photo from Oslo was called "a glimpse of Oslo" - this time you have the whole city in one glimpse surrounded by the hills of Oslo to the West and North (Nordmarka). The photo is taken from the hill Ekeberg in the east.

From a walk in the Ekeberg Park in Oslo, Norway

Ekeberg and the park is one of the hills that surrounds Oslo. It is in the east part of the Town. A long time ago the Ekeberg Park was established as an offer to the East end of the town as the more "upper-scale" West end already had the Holmenkollen etc.

There are some good walking paths around  - even a sculpture Women Park included. To not mention some interesting restaurants up at the Ekeberg hill. Presented here in a 2 photo stich.

The Madam enjoyed her time in the Ekeberg hill this fine sunny day in October

Barcode buildings in Oslo, Norway

The seaside of Oslo East is changing these days. As here with this row of new office buildings right behind the Opera.  The reference to a barcode is absolute there.  Unfortunately this front will later be hidden behind another new row of buildings hindring the present view.

(Photo: Tilt-shift in PP)

Meeting WALKING WOMAN in the sculpture park - Ekeberg. Norway

Who knows what or whom to meet when you take a walk in the Women Sculture Part at Ekeberg in Oslo.  In the afternoon well inside the park we met this woman - another sculpture at this place.

Read more of this work WALKING WOMAN BY SEAN HENRY here:
The British sculptor Sean Henry (born 1965) models his figures in clay before the are cast. 
Then he paints them. This artist's work has helped revive the age-old custom of polychrome, i.e. multi-colored sculpture. The tradition stems from Antiquity, when marble statues were painted in colors.

Henry's technique is striking and vivid. In public spaces, his naturalist figures are conspicuous, just as his sculptures are both lifelike and theatrical. They are reflections of ourselves and enhance our experience with life in our own world.

Sculptures such as Walking Woman are the artist's attempts to heighten our awareness of art and the nature surrounding it. The person in Walking Woman strides through the woods with purpose.

A glimse of Oslo, Norway - from the Ekeberg Hill

Ekeberg Hill one of the first places to be populated in Oslo - already just after the last ice age when the sea level was app. 200m higher than today.

At this photo we look down to the new apartment buildings at Sorenga - right beside the new Opera (situated behind the green vegetation to the right). The big ship in the back is the ferry daily departing for Copenhagen.

Some more from WIKI:
Ekeberg is a neighborhood in the city of Oslo, Norway. The painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch is painted from Utsikten ("the view"), a part of Ekeberg.

In the area are a number of old Iron Age grave mounds and Bronze Age ritual sites. This establish the area of Ekeberg as one of the oldest inhabited places around Oslo. During the Middle Ages, the farm of Ekeberg belonged to Hovedøya Abbey. The area was later taken by the crown.

From 1760, the farm of Ekeberg was run by an appointed owner, and his relatives owned the farm thereafter. In the area, a number of small homesteads under the main farm was erected the following century. The first suburban settlement came around 1900, and the early suburb was raised in the years prior to 1935. Many of the early houses are still present in the area. Ekeberg belonged to Oslo from 1947.

Autumn afternoon by the lake Vannsjo in Moss. Norway

Tranquilly afternoon in October by the shores of the lake Vannsjo in Moss, Norway.

Some more from the net:
Vansjø is a lake in the municipalities of Moss, Råde, Rygge, Våler in Østfold county, Norway. The lake is fed by the river Hobølelva. The lake has an area of 36.9 km² and an estimated coastline of about 250 km. Wikipedia