March 12, 2008

Photos at National Geographics website

Screenshot from the website of National Geographic
A chance for beeing published in NG is near zero for the most of us. A bit easier then to be included at their website where a photo editor makes a pick of 12 photos daily. I had the pleasure to be included in February and March and must say that I feel most comfortable amongst the other photos selected at these days.
You have btw only 1 chance each month to suggest a photo.
Klick the photo above for my entries at NG's website..

March 7, 2008

Collioure - Seasons. A photo Video

Daily life in Collioure

My Photo-Video: Collioure - Seasons is made from a selection of more than 60 photographs from Collioure in all seasons over the last 2-3 years. A different, and hopeful, interesting way to present this village in the South of France. In a little less than 9 minutes you will experience some moments typical of this place. A good way to enjoy this Photo-Video could be by sitting down with a glass of good wine...

Collioure is found on the Languedoc-Rousillon coast, just north of the border with Spain.
Historically a fishing village, Collioure attracted many artists in the early 20th century including Matisse and Derain, and was central to the fauvist movement in art. Picasso as well as Salvador Dali also passed some time in the town.
The town now is a pleasant place to stop if you are exploring this coastline, with a couple of small beaches, and the mountains accessible behind the town.
There are two particular sights in the town. The church, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, sits almost in the harbour and its belltower previously acted as the lighthouse. The second sight is the castle that dominates the town, the Royal Castle, once occupied by the templars.
It is the region between these two monuments that will most interest you, with cobbled streets to explore, pretty pastel-painted houses, and palm trees lining the seafront.