April 29, 2012

Norway SE: Camp by the trout pond / Ørrettjernet

Camp by Stutefoss - the trout pond / ørrettjernet i Spydeberg
A small pond in the middle of the forest in a landscape with small villages, farms, forests and lakes, less than an hour from our capitol: Oslo.
A popular place to visit where the anglers may do their catch of some fine trouts - or just sit there by the waterside and enjoy the fair day - as the angler below....

The patient angler by the shore of the trout pond at Stutefoss, Spydeberg, Norway
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Map reference: N 59.51695  E 11.030488

April 28, 2012

April in Norway SE - forest and lake landscapes

Lake Rømsjøen in the spring

Close to the border between Norway and Sweden - some few selected photos.
Camera Canon G1X

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April 27, 2012

Rhodes / Rodos - The city / byen

View of Rhodes old town within the fortification - from the old watch tower

We arrived with the cruise ship Constellation from Celebrity Cruises to the island and city Rhodes, Greece for a one day stop and sightseeing.
Rhodes was one of in all 7 stops one our cruise crossing the Mediterranian from east to west.

Presenting here some selected photos from the old fortified city of Rhodes.

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From WIKI:
Rhodesis the principal city and a former municipality on the island of Rhodes, the farthest island from the mainland of Greece, in the Dodecanese, Greece.
It has a population of approximately 80,000. 
Rhodes has been famous since antiquity as the site of Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 
The citadel of Rhodes, built by the Hospitalliers, is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe which in 1988 was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

April 25, 2012

Athen and Acropolis in one day ...

Temple at Acropolis, Athen
We arrived with the cruise ship Constellation from Celebrity Cruises in the Athen harbour Piraeus for a one day stop and sightseeing.

Athen was one of in all 7 stops one our cruise crossing the Mediterranian from east to west.

Presenting here (Klick for Flickr) some selected photos, partly taken from the bus and partly from our time at hill Acropolis with the temples and the view of Athen.

April 9, 2012

Atlas Mountains near Marrakech - one day visit

Video and photos from a day trip from Marrakesh with 4W-drives, arranged by Viator/HolidayServices, Marrakesh, into the Atlas Mountains.

Recommended: YES

Camera: Canon G1X

April 8, 2012

Video: Fantasia - The chez Ali Show in Marrakech.

An incredible tourist trap is this amusement place outside Marrakech.
In spite of the adventure like buildings and the many mucicians etc who entertain the show itself is quite boring, done in a terrible light setting accompanied by very high Morrocan music. (2/6).
...but the obligatorie food served in big tent like structures was surprisingly good - even served with absolute no service attitude at all :-)

April 6, 2012

Jerusalem - Via dolorosa - in our time..

From a visit along the historical old town in Jerusalem with all the myths - going the narrow streets that once was a path up to a hill and today a closed merchant street with cobbled stones and the thousands of visitors....

April 4, 2012

Nature launch a new season

After the long winter the nature decide:
- There is a new season of warmth and joy coming..

A spring photo greeting from the south of Denmark..

April 3, 2012

The cemetery at the end of the world

Village at the Faroe Islands in the Atlantic - the cemetery in the back

Photo from a travel back in autumn of 2008. Camera. Nikon D70