August 26, 2012

The new spectacular Art Museum in Oslo

Right outside the well known landmark Aker Brygge(pier) there is a new modern and most exciting museum to be opened in September 2012. The Astrup- Fearnley Art Museum has a significant placement in the inner harbour and is already very popular to visit - so far only at the outside. It evens have it's own small artificial beach by the shores there..

August 19, 2012

Oslo Town Hall

In Oslo Port the Town Hall has a significant placement by the seaside as displayed in this photo taken from the sea as we pass by in a daycruiser.
The foreground old boat was used in the 50ties and 60ties to commute to the many islands in the harbour of Oslo.
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August 8, 2012

Video: Visit Norway: Geiranger Fjord

Take a look at this video and enjoy ca. 3 minutes of Norwegian Nature

Being tourist in your own country can be a kind of fun.
In July we did a 2 days travel to some of the most visited places in our country. Going from our mountain house via route 53 and route 63 to Dalsnibba and Geiranger Fjord - there taking the car ferry for a "minicruise" to Valldal 2,5 hrs.

The Geiranger Fjord is a fjord in the Sunnmøre region in Norway. It is a 15-kilometre (9.3 mi) long branch of the Storfjord (Great Fjord). The small village of Geiranger is located at the end of the fjord where the Geirangelva river empties into it.

The fjord is one of Norway's most visited tourist sites and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, jointly with Nærøyfjord, since 2005, although this status is now threatened by the disputed plans to build power lines across the fjord.

A car ferry, which doubles as a sightseeing trip, is operated by Fjord1 Nordvestlandske. It runs lengthwise along the fjord between the small towns of Geiranger and Hellesylt. Another route tke the longer leg to Valldal (2,5hrs).

Along the fjord's sides there lie a number of now abandoned farms. Some restoration has been made by the Storfjordens venner association. The most commonly visited among these are Skageflå, Knivsflå, and Blomberg. Skageflå may also be reached on foot from Geiranger, while the others require a boat excursion. 

The fjord is also host to several impressive waterfalls.

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August 4, 2012

The frozen summer lake

Even in the middle of July is this lake up in the mountains in Norway West still frozen. Yuou will find the lake along the touristic route 63 between Grotli and the popular small village Geiranger.

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