February 23, 2017

Following the tracks of the white wild hare. Valdres, Norway

They are easy to spot the tracks of the hare in the snow. These tracks are app. 24hrs old as they have started to be a bit wider and "lifted up" as compared to new tracks in the snow.

This time the hare has been alone - otherwise they are often followed by some tracks of their hunter - the fox.

Beside of that an interesting almost Black and White result of this photo taken in the afternoon and by that includes some details of the snow and some fine shadows effect.

Cross country skier in backlight. Valdres in Norway

The last days we have had winter Holidays here in Norway. And as so often in the winter we like to spend some days up in the mountains for ski activities: Alpine or Cross-Country. The latter absolute relaxing as you can ski, as here, under a fair sun and enjoy the peace in the nature while using the well prepared ski tracks in the terrain.

February 22, 2017

Winter holiday in Valdres, Norway

A fine morning with some fresh snow up in the winter mountains in central Norway.

This week most of the schools have their winter holidays and many families are up here in the mountain only some 3hrs drive out of Oslo.

February 18, 2017

Flashback: Surfer in storm. Collioure, South of France

A flashback with a return to a very special February day in 2007 in Collioure, south of France. In spite of 300 days with sun in the year - this was a day where heavy waves from a passing storm was coming in right to the beaches in the village of Collioure. And of course where there is this kind of waves there is also surfers.  See if you can spot the surfer in the middle of this photo taken 10 years ago.

Another flashback to this heavy weather some years ago in Collioure

February 13, 2017

No demand for deck chairs at Alby Manor at Jeloya, Norway

Alby Manor with a history going back almost to the time of the Vikings is today an art Museum that also have a fine Cafe to stop by for people out at this Island in the Oslofjord for a walk.
In front of the Manor it is popular in the summer to relax on the fine green grass - while in the winter there is a more modest demand for the deck chairs ment for a good time in the sun.

While the Noblesse was ruling the big farmland belonging to the Alby Manor the tenant farmer was offered a more modest place to live. Scattered around the Manor you will still find some small houses ment for the people working the land in the former times - as seen here:

February 8, 2017

Cold wind from Russia sweeping over Valdres, Norway

We are just back from some days up in the mountain. In a winter with a general mild climate we had some days with -20C as cold wind from Siberia was sweeping in.  In the same days a warm wind was going North from Spain to Svalbard where they had +4C What a world 🤓

The photo, of our cottage, is from my iphone6+ with a mounted so called fisheye lens - delivered in a kit with also a wide angle lens and a tele x9 lens.  All for funny €10 incl. freight from China (says something of the quality) LOL.

Crossing the plain "Stølsvidda" in one of the cold days this week in the mountain