December 28, 2016

Oslo Town Hall in the winter. Norway

Oslo Town Hall seen from Aker Brygge - the former ship yard in the center of Oslo.
In front a selection of boats very popular for  people living here the whole winter.
As you can see the water is still open while some years ago there should have been ice in this part of the harbor. Typical for the mild climate of our days.

December afternoon in the harbor of Oslo. Norway. II

An afternoon mood in Oslo Harbor - in fact one of the last photos I did in 2016.

A happy new year to all visitors

December afternoon in the harbor of Oslo. Norway

Low light and a low sun already at 1PM in Oslo this day late in December

The Royal Castle Oslo. Norway

The Royal Castle is situated at a small hill top right in the center of Oslo in fact it is ending the main street Karl Johans gate.  You can (maybe) spot a small red flag on top of the castle. This flag tells us that the King is home. When he is away no red flag....

Some more from the net:
The Royal Palace (Norwegian: Slottet or formally Norwegian: Det kongelige slott) in Oslo was built in the first half of the 19th century as the Norwegian residence of the French-born King Charles III of Norway, who reigned as king of Norway and Sweden.
The palace is the official residence of the present Norwegian monarch. The crown prince resides at Skaugum in Asker west of Oslo. The palace has 173 rooms. (WIKI)

December 24, 2016

December 14, 2016

The entrance to Alby Manor. Oslofjord. Norway

December morning with some night frost still hanging in.

From my last visit to the stately Alby Manor out at the Jeloya Island in the Oslofjord.

Alby Manor is the oldest farm at the Jeloya Island and have it's roots back to the Viking age (800 AD)

Beach in December. Oslofjord. Norway. 4 photos stitched

From a fine December day along the shores of Oslofjord at Jeloya right outside the town Moss.

Under a  frosty beach detail:

A fine December day by the Oslofjord. Norway

Photo taken in the small park at Alby Manor outside of Moss in the Oslofjord, Norway.
In the back we can see one of the 4 carferries that cross the fjord every 10th minute going between Moss and Horten.

December 2, 2016

Kind of a sunset in Altitude 11km. Speed 880km/hrs. Boeing 737. Above Scandinavia

We went back from South of France a few days ago with a Norwegian plane from Barcelona to Oslo.
Over the most of Europe it was a perfect chance to look down to places we passed on this cloud free day.
I opened my app FLIGHTRADAR24 and had the pleasure to see exactly our position through the flight. (Sitting by the window and with wifi at the plane no problem being connected)

When we left the Continent and entered the Scandinavian territorium at 4pm the clouds was there and as we was facing east in the plane we had this strange sunset facing away from the sun  - like a cloud dream.