September 15, 2017

Just another ordinary day in the East of Norway

Just another ordinary day..
After some weeks starting with a loss (temporarily  I hope) of the sight in one eye. A stay in the hospital with CT and MR scanning leading to a total change in plans and activities for the present period - you start to look forward to have just an ordinary, even boring, day.
A day when everything is normal and nothing of importance seems to happen.

Many times we seems to remember the days with problems and challenges or the big events - while the ordinary days is just something we grant and accepted without ever notice them. Still they represent a great value

- as such days probably are the most meaningful in our lives.
4 weeks after my periode with disability I slowly return to more "normal days" - and experience a great pleasure in this. Just going out for a walk or a little trip in my car - doing ordinary daily activities... feeling as usual.

This gray September day I did a little neighboorhood tour in my car visiting an historical building where some negotiations was done in 1814 between Norway and Denmark with the target to free Norway from the 400 years long dominance of Denmark. The farm to the priest of Spydeberg was a little part of the process - the main building is seen here. And a fine symbol by the two ladies, out there in the rain, to lift the Norwegian flag outside the stately building.

Just another, fine, ordinary day...

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September 7, 2017

A challenging bike trip to Mont Filefjell in Norway

A flashback to a fatal bike trip in July:

Was the Kings Old Road ever ment for bikes?

It is no more than app 14 km along the Kings Old Road that cross the Filefjell in the mountains in Central Norway from the small St. Thomas chapel along E16 to the old tourist resort Maristolen. It is today a rough path but still recommended for people hiking and/or biking.  To the latter I can only say that biking along this old medieval road is purely for mountain bike fanatics.

History (ref. Wiki)

The Filefjell Kongevegen (English: The Kings Road) is the name of the old trail over Filefjell, the mountainous area between Lærdal/Borgund and Valdres in Norway. It is the historical main route linking Western Norway and Eastern Norway.Due to the sometimes wet and marshy land in the valley bottom, the old trail runs farther up in the hill than the modern asphalt road does today. The old trail is still used for hiking. It was named after King Sverre of Norway (1184–1202) who traveled this route with his army. The first post route came this way in 1647. The road got official status as a main road in the year 1791.

Maristova in Filefjell (built at Queen Margaret's command around 1390) and Nystuen in Vang (first mentioned in 1627 but believed to be much older) are guest houses that provided for travelers along the road. The owners were compensated by the king and commanded to aid travelers and provide shelter for those who used the road. This practice lasted until 1830.

Today, Kongevegen has been restored, opening it up for hikers. Major sections such as Vindhella provide an insight into the skills in use by the road engineers of the time.

The seven disappointments

We parked by the little old chapel St. Thomas kirken at Filefjell. The very first part of the road looked like a gravel road and set an optimistic mind with the madam and myself. Nature was beautiful and soon we passed this little idyllic bridge and creek as the terrain started to turn upwards.

The road was too steep to bike so we had to walk and push the bikes upwards. In the distant it looked to be  a small peak - giving hope that the road was to be more flat up there.

During this phase of the tour a hiker, experienced with the trail, told us of the seven disappointments along this road. We would see 7 times an uphill stretch that gave hope to be the upper peak in the mountain.  But only after 7 times we was on the highest point. WOW was that a welcomed inspiration - for sure NOT. Under a photo of the madam traversing one of the seven disappointments.

Finally the top point of the road

 Murklopphaugen with the marble marker indicating the border between Akershus and Bergen in the old days, from Norsk Prospect-Samling by P.F. Wergmann. Not quite the highest point but close by.

So far on our trip our time estimate was completely destroyed. Our plan was to reach the mountain lodge Maristua and have a bus there going back to where our car was parked.

We decided to split so I could rush down to Maristova for the bus and later return with the car to pick up the madam. So far all well. BUT the downhill to Maristova was very, very steep - and in the rush I had a very nasty stop and fall with the bike, hit my head and was later blue all over my body. To make a long story short - after some days with a headache I woke up one morning with some sight problems and the day after that one eye was closed (as it still is presently). More about this: 

Anyhow I did reach the bus and was happy picking up the car at the parking by the St. Thomas chapel (to the right in the back).

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August 26, 2017

In for a break

It is a good thing that we do not know our future. We can make plans and spin dreams of all the activities and the life we want to prepare and live for. But then from one day to another it can all change.

I woke up one night a few days ago with some sight vision problems. Consulting a doctor and later doing some tests, even ending up in a hospital (see photo) for some days. The conclusion is some eye nerve problem closing the sight of one eye (not blind but unable to use the eye). Reason unknown. Treatment: None. Just wait and see. Maybe it will improve in some months -maybe not....

I'll be back if and when that day can be realized.


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July 18, 2017

Biking around Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway

Biking around the lake Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway II
IT is no more than app. 14 km around this lake that is the smallest of 3 lakes in the Syndin region. A beatiful mountain landscape with some small summerfarms and some cottages scattered around.

Above you can see our starting point in the South end of the lake. A fine summer day but with some strong wind making some vawes on the lake.

In every road cross there is well marked signs telling you where to go - anyway going aroud a lake is rather self explaining....

On our way we also pass this old small cottage (photo below)

Below a modern mountain cottage along the gravel road around Sore Syndin

Hereford cattle - a strange sight around Sore Syndin

Another lake to bike around: Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway

Another mountain lake that we like to bike around.  There is 3 lakes North Mid and South in the Syndin mountain area in Valdres. This is the one in the South: Sore Syndin, the smallest one - only some 12 to 14 km to bike around.
A fine day but with lot of wind this day in July.
In the photo you can see some of the gravel roads going around the lake.
The map to the left displays the route.

Beautiful mountain landscape in Valdres and Hemsedal. Norway

What a lucky owner of this cottages in Valdres having such a delightful view over to Hemsedal and with the distinct mountain Skogshorn to the left and then all those other partly snowdressed summits in the West. And beside of that even a lake is glittering in the landscape - tempting to go fishing for some trouts. Another fine day up in the mountains...

July 15, 2017

Biking around Tisleifjorden in Norway. The last leg

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part VI - Final leg
It's been a fine tour to go around the 38km of Tisleifjorden (Tisleia lake). At this point we pass the small landstripe between Tisleifjorden and Flyvatnet before we follow the lake down to our starting point. Quite idyllic scenery along the route.

The madam points out part of the route as we leave Lykkja in Hemsedal with the majestetic mountain Skogshorn in the back.

It was a fine summer day for this tour up in the mountains in Hemsedal and Valdres

Passing the mountain Skogshorn on our bike tour around Tisleifjorden, Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part V
In the end of the fjord we cross over from Golsfjell to Lykkja in Valdres.  The lowest place, in the small valley we cross, is where we bike over this little bridge with a creek apparently coming from the mountain Skogshorn (in the back).

On our way down to this point we also had a fine view from the higher terrain as seen in this panorama (made of 3iphone6+ photos stitched.

This region is not too populated but some cottages and summer farms is to be spotted here and there. In the photo below we found a small old barn with trees growing right up from the roof of the building. A sight quite ordiaire up here...

Spot the biker by the little pond. Tisleifjorden. Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part IV
At this time we have come to the end of Tisleifjorden on our biking trip around this lake. We have left the gravel road and entered a smaller track while we cross from Golsfjellet over to Valdres and the other side of the lake.

On our way we have stopped by this little pond that looked very inviting in the fair weather. As you can see we also spot some other bikers between the trees that had the same idea to have a little break along the route.

The tracks both for hikers and bikers are well marked in every place there is a road cross - illustrated in the photo below:

For a BBQ - why not have your own island. Tisleifjorden in Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part III
We are under way on our 38km biking tour around Tisleifjorden. We pass this very tiny island where a family is in full swing with their BBQ.  After a short voyage from the mainland with their small rowboat there they are with everybody set for a great afternoon out on the island.

From the mainland there is an old man sitting on the pier keeping an eye with all and any activity that takes place in his souroundings.

Probably the smallest Stave Church in the world. Golsfjellet. Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part II
Just some minutes after our start of the tour around Tisleifjorden, from the Oset mountain hotel we pass this little Stave Church. It is a fine modern work - based on the 1000 years old craftmansship used to build the original Stave Churches.

This tiny version of the Stave Church can accomondate some 17 people - very popular for small weddings etc. It was original a gift from the Hotel manager to his daughter some years back. 

It is app. 40km to bike around Tisleifjorden in Norway

It looks faraway the end of Tisleifjorden when seen from this point by the dam where we start our biking tour around this fjord (lake). We can also see the big mountain in the back: Skogshorn where we some hours later will pass  the point where the track to the summit  start.

A fine day for this 38km bike tour up here in the central mountains between Oslo and Bergen in Norway.
...not least only a 20 minutes drive from our mountain cottage to the parking.

July 6, 2017

Summer evening by the lake Øymarksjøen in Norway

A fine moody detail from the afternoon by the banks of the lake Øymarksjøen SouthEast in Norway.
This narrow "arm" of the lake was the entrance in former days to a small canal that led in to the canal and lake system in Sweden - only a very short distance away.  From here you could follow the canal and lakes as far as to Stockholm in the East and Gothenburg in the West of Sweden,

In fact was the house on this estate, build app. 1840, the residence of a local toll officer.

Another capture with my iphone6+

July 1, 2017

Mountain biking in Valdres, Norway

At this fine summer day we made a biking tour up to the summit of this low mountain in Valdres. We was offered a fine vista to the big plain Flotenhovda and the sourrounding mountains. 
Our collabsible travel EL-bikes are not real montain bikes - but does a fine job on the small gravel roads in this area. In this up and down terrain the batteries will last app. 40km - good enough for us.

June 26, 2017

June 25, 2017

Waiting for the next rain shower. Storefjell in Norway

Oh yes - half an hour later we was in the middle of the passing rain shower under this little hike to the summit of Storefjell (Big mountain) between Gol and Fagernes in Norway.
Typical for the weather in this very cold and rainy month of June.

3 iphone6+ photos stitched

Sunday in the valley Tisleidalen, Valdres, Norway

A Sunday in the end of June we pass an old mountain farm on our way along the valley Tisleidalen on our bikes. From the gravel road we have a fine view over to the low mountains on the other side of the valley. 

3iphone6+  photos stitched 

June 20, 2017

Global warming but summer frost in Valdres, Norway

Rain and cold weather have dominated the weather in June up here in the mountains only 3hrs NorthWest of Oslo. And the last night we had freezing 0 degrees Celsius - not much tast of summer in that. But the landscape seeems to thrive all set in strong green.

June 15, 2017

Tranquil mountain lake. Valdres, Norway

A small lake along Panorama Road in Tisleidalen valley up in the mountains in the middle of Norway South.  A bright day in between all the days with rain now in June. Only app +15C in the day with no more than +4C in the night. We are still awaiting some better summer temperature up here.

June 11, 2017

Rain and water everywhere. Valdres in Norway

I am up at my mountain cottage and waiting for some nice weather with a touch of summer. But for a long periode there is mainly rain and lots of water everywhere - like here in Høgefoss in the neighboorhood. Nice for a photostop when passing on a grey and rather cold day in June