February 15, 2009

Lofoten Islands - Norway

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Lofoten is on the UNESCO list of world heritage is situated north of the polar circle in Norway.

Lofoten Islands is also No. 2 on The Observers list of 20 paradise Islands around the world.
Nowhere does the midnight sun shine to greater effect than on Norway's Lofoten Islands, anchored above the Arctic Circle. Their purple mountains and green meadows, bright fishing boats and rust-red cottages on stilts are mirrored in Caribbean-blue sea.
Edgar Allen Poe described the seas around as 'lashed into ungovernable fury... .The main tourist islands, Austvagoy, Vestvagoy, Flakstad and Moskenes, appeal to writers and artists as well as outdoor enthusiasts, with climbing, hiking, riding, canoeing, biking, rafting and fishing highly popular. Puffins, cormorants, guillemots, eagles and seals bring in the wildlife watchers. For anyone with Viking ancestry a visit to the new Viking museum at Borg is a must.

Camera: Nikon 885 PP: Paintshop - Pinnacle

February 5, 2009

Along the beatiful Canal du Midi in South of France

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A most attractive HD video along Canal du Midi by Castelnaudary (between Carcassonne and Toulouse), Languedoc in South of France.

Video: Nokia N95 8GB. Photo: Nikon D70. PP: Paintshop - Pinnacle.

The Canal du Midi or Canal des Deux Mers (Occitan: Canal de las Doas Mars / Canal del Miègjorn) is a 240 km long canal in the south of France, le Midi. The canal connects the Garonne River to the Étang de Thau on the Mediterranean. The original purpose of the Canal du Midi was to be a shortcut between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, avoiding the long sea voyage around hostile Spain, Barbary pirates, and a trip that in the 17th century required a full month of sailing.

February 2, 2009

In the Fog - Faroe Islands - part II - HD

In the Fog - Faroe Islands - part II - HD from Jack R. Johanson on Vimeo.

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Selected photos from a September day in the fog and rain at the Faroe Islands out in the North Atlantic.
Camera: Nikon D70. PP: Paintshop - Pinnacle
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