July 18, 2017

Biking around Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway

Biking around the lake Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway II
IT is no more than app. 14 km around this lake that is the smallest of 3 lakes in the Syndin region. A beatiful mountain landscape with some small summerfarms and some cottages scattered around.

Above you can see our starting point in the South end of the lake. A fine summer day but with some strong wind making some vawes on the lake.

In every road cross there is well marked signs telling you where to go - anyway going aroud a lake is rather self explaining....

On our way we also pass this old small cottage (photo below)

Below a modern mountain cottage along the gravel road around Sore Syndin

Hereford cattle - a strange sight around Sore Syndin

Another lake to bike around: Sore Syndin in Valdres, Norway

Another mountain lake that we like to bike around.  There is 3 lakes North Mid and South in the Syndin mountain area in Valdres. This is the one in the South: Sore Syndin, the smallest one - only some 12 to 14 km to bike around.
A fine day but with lot of wind this day in July.
In the photo you can see some of the gravel roads going around the lake.
The map to the left displays the route.

Beautiful mountain landscape in Valdres and Hemsedal. Norway

What a lucky owner of this cottages in Valdres having such a delightful view over to Hemsedal and with the distinct mountain Skogshorn to the left and then all those other partly snowdressed summits in the West. And beside of that even a lake is glittering in the landscape - tempting to go fishing for some trouts. Another fine day up in the mountains...

July 15, 2017

Biking around Tisleifjorden in Norway. The last leg

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part VI - Final leg
It's been a fine tour to go around the 38km of Tisleifjorden (Tisleia lake). At this point we pass the small landstripe between Tisleifjorden and Flyvatnet before we follow the lake down to our starting point. Quite idyllic scenery along the route.

The madam points out part of the route as we leave Lykkja in Hemsedal with the majestetic mountain Skogshorn in the back.

It was a fine summer day for this tour up in the mountains in Hemsedal and Valdres

Passing the mountain Skogshorn on our bike tour around Tisleifjorden, Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part V
In the end of the fjord we cross over from Golsfjell to Lykkja in Valdres.  The lowest place, in the small valley we cross, is where we bike over this little bridge with a creek apparently coming from the mountain Skogshorn (in the back).

On our way down to this point we also had a fine view from the higher terrain as seen in this panorama (made of 3iphone6+ photos stitched.

This region is not too populated but some cottages and summer farms is to be spotted here and there. In the photo below we found a small old barn with trees growing right up from the roof of the building. A sight quite ordiaire up here...

Spot the biker by the little pond. Tisleifjorden. Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part IV
At this time we have come to the end of Tisleifjorden on our biking trip around this lake. We have left the gravel road and entered a smaller track while we cross from Golsfjellet over to Valdres and the other side of the lake.

On our way we have stopped by this little pond that looked very inviting in the fair weather. As you can see we also spot some other bikers between the trees that had the same idea to have a little break along the route.

The tracks both for hikers and bikers are well marked in every place there is a road cross - illustrated in the photo below:

For a BBQ - why not have your own island. Tisleifjorden in Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part III
We are under way on our 38km biking tour around Tisleifjorden. We pass this very tiny island where a family is in full swing with their BBQ.  After a short voyage from the mainland with their small rowboat there they are with everybody set for a great afternoon out on the island.

From the mainland there is an old man sitting on the pier keeping an eye with all and any activity that takes place in his souroundings.

Probably the smallest Stave Church in the world. Golsfjellet. Norway

Biking around Tisleifjorden. Part II
Just some minutes after our start of the tour around Tisleifjorden, from the Oset mountain hotel we pass this little Stave Church. It is a fine modern work - based on the 1000 years old craftmansship used to build the original Stave Churches.

This tiny version of the Stave Church can accomondate some 17 people - very popular for small weddings etc. It was original a gift from the Hotel manager to his daughter some years back. 

It is app. 40km to bike around Tisleifjorden in Norway

It looks faraway the end of Tisleifjorden when seen from this point by the dam where we start our biking tour around this fjord (lake). We can also see the big mountain in the back: Skogshorn where we some hours later will pass  the point where the track to the summit  start.

A fine day for this 38km bike tour up here in the central mountains between Oslo and Bergen in Norway.
...not least only a 20 minutes drive from our mountain cottage to the parking.

July 6, 2017

Summer evening by the lake Øymarksjøen in Norway

A fine moody detail from the afternoon by the banks of the lake Øymarksjøen SouthEast in Norway.
This narrow "arm" of the lake was the entrance in former days to a small canal that led in to the canal and lake system in Sweden - only a very short distance away.  From here you could follow the canal and lakes as far as to Stockholm in the East and Gothenburg in the West of Sweden,

In fact was the house on this estate, build app. 1840, the residence of a local toll officer.

Another capture with my iphone6+

July 1, 2017

Mountain biking in Valdres, Norway

At this fine summer day we made a biking tour up to the summit of this low mountain in Valdres. We was offered a fine vista to the big plain Flotenhovda and the sourrounding mountains. 
Our collabsible travel EL-bikes are not real montain bikes - but does a fine job on the small gravel roads in this area. In this up and down terrain the batteries will last app. 40km - good enough for us.