October 22, 2008

Planet Earth - Ocean

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Some selected photos after a night with gale, rain and hale it seemed a good idea to visit he islands archipelago Hvaler in the outer Oslofjord, Norway for some photos along the coast there.

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There are 328,000,000 cubic miles of seawater on earth, covering approximately 71 percent of earth's surface.

By volume, the ocean makes up 99 percent of the planet's living space- the largest space in our universe known to be inhabited by living organisms.

October 9, 2008

Faroe Islands - Færøyene - selected photos

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With only 1,5 day at disposal it is limited how much of these 18 islands making up the Faroe Islands in the middle of the North Atlantic you can experience. I could cover just 2 islands: Streymoy and a little part of Eysturoy. Still I think yhis is the best I could do in the short time. The travel was to last 2 more days but was shortened as the ferry line Smyril was either delayed or shortened by disposal sue to the weather situation.

The Faroe islands – Færøyene is a most special place to visit, and also including the ferry travel as I did from Bergen, Norway and out there was part of the experience.

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October 6, 2008

Autnum along route 50 - Norway

Route 50 crossing the mountain between Oslo and Bergen.
Some autnum photos from September.

Bergen at the west coast of Norway

Some selected photos from a short September visit to Bergen at the west coast of Norway.

Here, history and long-standing traditions are as important as the city's vibrant cultural life. The Hanseatic legacy goes hand-in-hand with the status of European City of Culture (2000), both of which are reflected in the cityscape. In the global scheme of things, Bergen is a truly unique city. The main reason for this is its wonderful location and world-famous surroundings: the seven great mountains and the fjords go towards creating an international and yet completely idiosyncratic atmosphere.