My top 20 photos

Children of the World -  Outdoor art installment at the North Cape Center, Norway.

The list is updated pr.  July 2017 and includes the 20 of my photos with most hits at flickr. 
(CLICK over or in the photo)

Of the more than 2.00.000 hits I have had so far at flickr this list contains the 20 top photos with hits from 38 000 to 10 000.

IMO: The number of hits has probably to do with how each photo is coming up in different searches at flickr - hopefully also combined with an acceptable photo quality. And of course many of those that have been included in Flickr Explorer goes right into this list.

My photo with absolute most hits (probably) was launched at the photosite treklens some time ago and have maybe around 100.000 hits. Check out my humorous version of Gioconda (Mona Lisa) before and now:


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