February 20, 2018

Winter panorama landscape in Valdres, Norway

Our small cottage for our guest to our mountain place. A fine place for 2-4 persons for an overnight stay. Click in photo for larger version.

iphome6+ with 4 photos stitched. PP in Corel PS pro

February 17, 2018

Removing snow from the roof in Valdres Norway

With app. 1 meter of snow on the roof at our mountain cottage it is time for the family to remove most of it. Still the snow is dry but later in the season with warmer weather the snow will fill with water and become several ton heavier maybe more than the roof can carry.
Good alternative removing snow versus just skiing 😃

February 2, 2018

Traditional Winter cottage in Valdres Norway

After some snow in January it is a pleasure arriving at our cottage dressed for the winter.
This is in the central part of Norway only some 3hrs drive from Oslo. We build this place 31 years ago. It still have the standard of that time. IE no electricity but 12V current from 2 solar panels. Water from an outside well (working the whole year also in the winter as we get the water from ca. 6 m under the soil surface (under the frost level)). Via SMS vi can before arrival start up our Wallas oven and arrive to a warm and cosy cottage even when there is -20C as it was this day.

Along the private road it is in all some 17 cottages along the 3km distance in here from the public road. In the winter the road will be plowed an open all weekends and the winter holidays season.
There is fresh ski tracks for cross country skiing right by the cottage opening up for a net of ski tracks for many, many kilometers in the region.

Winter Road trip along E16 in Begnadalen Norway

A beautiful day along E16 on my way from Oslo to my mountain cottage 3 hrs Northwest of  Oslo in the popular region Valdres.
Up here there is plenty with snow on this rather cold day with some -25C / -13F.
Lot of ice and snow in the road - but no problem for my small 4 WD Suzuki SUV.