June 26, 2017

Mountain farm in Valdres, Norway

Mountain farm up in the hillside in Nord-Aurdal, a small community, in Valdres, Norway.

June 25, 2017

Waiting for the next rain shower. Storefjell in Norway

Oh yes - half an hour later we was in the middle of the passing rain shower under this little hike to the summit of Storefjell (Big mountain) between Gol and Fagernes in Norway.
Typical for the weather in this very cold and rainy month of June.

3 iphone6+ photos stitched

Sunday in the valley Tisleidalen, Valdres, Norway

A Sunday in the end of June we pass an old mountain farm on our way along the valley Tisleidalen on our bikes. From the gravel road we have a fine view over to the low mountains on the other side of the valley. 

3iphone6+  photos stitched 

June 20, 2017

Global warming but summer frost in Valdres, Norway

Rain and cold weather have dominated the weather in June up here in the mountains only 3hrs NorthWest of Oslo. And the last night we had freezing 0 degrees Celsius - not much tast of summer in that. But the landscape seeems to thrive all set in strong green.

June 15, 2017

Tranquil mountain lake. Valdres, Norway

A small lake along Panorama Road in Tisleidalen valley up in the mountains in the middle of Norway South.  A bright day in between all the days with rain now in June. Only app +15C in the day with no more than +4C in the night. We are still awaiting some better summer temperature up here.

June 11, 2017

Rain and water everywhere. Valdres in Norway

I am up at my mountain cottage and waiting for some nice weather with a touch of summer. But for a long periode there is mainly rain and lots of water everywhere - like here in Høgefoss in the neighboorhood. Nice for a photostop when passing on a grey and rather cold day in June