March 25, 2018

Hospital room with a view. Kalnes in Norway

Should you spend some days in a hospital - I can for sure recommend the regional Hospital Kalnes outside of Sapsborg in Norway.

Spacious single rooms with a view to the water and forest landscape in the back and then the birds making the only sounds you can hear.

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Sykehuset Østfold provides specialist health care services within somatic and mental health to the about 280 000 inhabitants of Østfold county. Sykehuset Østfold runs hospitals in Sarpsborg and Moss, and provides local mental health care services at five locations.

November 2nd 2015 Sykehuset Østfold Fredrikstad relocated to a brand new state-of-the-art hospital building located at Kalnes in Sarpsborg. Health care professionals and architects have, through close collaboration, designed a hospital that offers therapeutic and operational efficiency at the absolute elite level.  As well as creating premises with an atmosphere that is perceived as welcoming, friendly and accommodating by the patients, the relatives, and the staff. Single room wards, new and advanced medical- and diagnostics equipment including PET/CT, and highly automatized logistics systems are just some of the features included in the new hospital.

With 5000 employees, Sykehuset Østfold is one of Østfold’s largest workplaces.

March 10, 2018

Traditional cottage in the winter. Valdres, Norway

A fine winter day around this old traditional cottage up in the mountains in Valdres.
One of the app 400 000 cottages Norwegian love to use in their holidays at the sea or in the mountains.

March 2, 2018

Arrival to the winter village Bagn in Valdres, Norway

Last stop before the mountain is for many this little village, Bagn, along E16, app 2,5hrs outside of Oslo. You find a supermarket, a gasoline station a restaurant and some other small shops in a friendly environment in the village center.

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Olafs cottage in the winter. Valdres in Norway

I think there is some 400 000 cottages in Norway. Some by the sea but also many in the mountains. Most of the cottages is family owned and used inn all seasons.
Here represented by one of them. Placed in the central Mountains in Norway North West. Situated by a private road that is kept open every weekend throughout the winter.
This year there is plenty of snow  - very idyllic photo-wise.

February 20, 2018

Winter panorama landscape in Valdres, Norway

Our small cottage for our guest to our mountain place. A fine place for 2-4 persons for an overnight stay. Click in photo for larger version.

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February 17, 2018

Removing snow from the roof in Valdres Norway

With app. 1 meter of snow on the roof at our mountain cottage it is time for the family to remove most of it. Still the snow is dry but later in the season with warmer weather the snow will fill with water and become several ton heavier maybe more than the roof can carry.
Good alternative removing snow versus just skiing 😃

February 2, 2018

Traditional Winter cottage in Valdres Norway

After some snow in January it is a pleasure arriving at our cottage dressed for the winter.
This is in the central part of Norway only some 3hrs drive from Oslo. We build this place 31 years ago. It still have the standard of that time. IE no electricity but 12V current from 2 solar panels. Water from an outside well (working the whole year also in the winter as we get the water from ca. 6 m under the soil surface (under the frost level)). Via SMS vi can before arrival start up our Wallas oven and arrive to a warm and cosy cottage even when there is -20C as it was this day.

Along the private road it is in all some 17 cottages along the 3km distance in here from the public road. In the winter the road will be plowed an open all weekends and the winter holidays season.
There is fresh ski tracks for cross country skiing right by the cottage opening up for a net of ski tracks for many, many kilometers in the region.

Winter Road trip along E16 in Begnadalen Norway

A beautiful day along E16 on my way from Oslo to my mountain cottage 3 hrs Northwest of  Oslo in the popular region Valdres.
Up here there is plenty with snow on this rather cold day with some -25C / -13F.
Lot of ice and snow in the road - but no problem for my small 4 WD Suzuki SUV.

January 27, 2018

Refrigator cold morning in Østfold / Ostfold, Norway

Typical January morning in this little village SouthEast of Oslo. At this morning there was some -5C - app. the same as you have in your refrigator.
This season the snow and the temperature is going up and down from day to day like a lift, Part of our new winter season under the present environment changes.

January 13, 2018

Winter SightSeeing in Oslo Harbour. Norway

Even in the winter there is several opportunities for a sigthseeing in our capitol. Being at sea or at land.  Here a photo from Aker Brygge where an old traditional small freight ship is coming back from a one hours tour in the Oslo Harbour.

Oslo Townhall seen between some anchored boats at Aker Brygge

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Winter harbour at Aker Brygge in Oslo Norway

Many sailers have their winter harbour along the small marina at Aker Brygge in Oslo City.  It looks cold but we guess they have sufficient with electrical heaters and insulation to have it cosy inside, in spite of the cold outdoor climate down by the sea. At least they have a very central place both to shops an restaurants right here in the center of Oslo.

Camera: iphone6+  2photos vertical stitched  PP: Panoramamaker and Paintshop Pro.

January 7, 2018

From Aker brygge: A pano of the Oslo Town Hall and Akershus Castle in Norway

A mighty panorama from January with 4 photos Stitched covering the Oslo harbour as seen from Aker Brygge. To the left the Town hall with its 2 towers. To the right Akershus Castle that in its time stopped a Swedish invasion of Oslo.

You can see more details of the Akershus castle in the pano made of 3 photos stitsched here:

iphone 6+ photos stitched (4 and 3 photos). PP in Panoramamaker and Corel Paintshop

January 5, 2018

Grey and colorless days in January. Ostfold. Norway

Clouds and overcasted sky means no sun and no real daylight up here in the North. Some moods from the countryside East of Oslo at 60 DEG North in January 2018.

Photo: iphone 6+.  PP: Paintshop pro