December 11, 2013

December in Port-Vendres, South of France

December light in Port-Vendres, South of France

This part of France have for decades been popular amongst many artists for the fine light that is found here for different parts of the year and the day.

For a Norwegian visiting down here in December is maybe the good temperature as compared to snow and cold days in our own country the most tempting detail.

But as many know: In the north we have the long summer days, even with midnight sun. The downside of this is that we in December have the opposite, very short days with very long dark evenings and nights. In fact is the sun in this part of France offering days lasting 3 hours longer than we have up north. A sun raising at app. 9am in the morning and sunsets at 03.15pm for sure shorten the time for the daylight up north. And it is a delight having the sun from 8am to 5.30pm in this region.

The photos of today is from the deep harbour port in the small village Port-Vendres i Languedoc-Rousillon - Pyrenee Orientale.


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