December 24, 2015

The fantastic and beautiful Alhambra Castle in Granada, Spain

Maybe the most beautiful place in the castle is this water pool with the fantastic reflections as displayed here on a fine November day. (This photo stitched from 3 horizontal photos).

A great place for the dove to have a little refreshing dip in the pool.

From the net:
The castle of the Alhambra was added to the city's area within the ramparts in the 9th century, which implied that the castle became a military fortress with a view over the whole city. In spite of this, it was not until the arrival of the first king of the Nasrid dynasty, Mohammed ben Al-Hamar (Mohammed I, 1238-1273), in the 13th century, that the royal residence was established in the Alhambra. This event marked the beginning of the Alhambra's most glorious period. 

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