March 13, 2016

A SnowCat with Explorers at the top of Mount Hjorthfjellet - Svalbard, Norway

We have taken the brand new SnowCat up the mountainside of Hjorthfjellet right opposite of the "capitol" Longyearbyen and the big fjord Isfjorden.

The snowCat was just delivered to Spitsbergen Travel our tour operator and was filled with "explorers" this day. Beside of some Norwegians you can to the left see a well "packed" lady from Lyon, France and to the right a small group from sunny Australia doing some souvenir photos of the event. 

Unfortunately not the best weather this March afternoon - but maybe a snow blizzard and some wind adds to the spectacle of being up here.

Below from another stop with the SnowCat at the permafrost of the moors in the end of the Adventsfjorden - on our way back to Longyearbyen.

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