July 8, 2016

The fantastic stave church in Heddal, Norway

From ancient times - build in wood and still standing there - the old stave churches in Norway.

This is how VisitNorway describes this fine almost 800 years old Stave church:

Heddal stave church, a masterwork of wood, it is the largest of the 28 stave churches in Norway today. The church lies along the E-134 west of Notodden, on the way to Seljord-Haugesund.

Norway's largest stave church built in the 1200s and still in use. Rose paintings from 1600's, "bishop's chair" and incense vessels from medieval times. Heddal Stavkirke - the largest stave church in Norway.

Around the year 1250 the expanded with a larger apse as we see it today. Ore-pine from the woods in Heddal, beautiful carved portals and inventory indicates of a blossoming age in Heddal at the time. The church is used for ordinary events in the summer.  Next to the church lies a vicarage barn with a summer and church exhibition.

Heddal stave church doesn't just look like it comes from a fairytale. It is a fairytale.

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