October 5, 2016

Large panorama view of Oslo, Norway

6 photos stitched (klick for larger version) - presented from the best place to do photos like this in Oslo - the Ekeberg Hill.
Should you be in Oslo go to the Ekeberg restaurant - make your pano and after that enjoy a lunch or dinner in the newly refurbished Ekeberg Restaurant.  I f you want even more take a stroll in the new Sculpture park in the Ekeberg Park - a tribute to women.

In the foreground you have new apartment buildings in the old quay Sørenga. right behind to the right you may see the Oslo Opera, the sentral station and the new office-buildings close by. In the hill in the far back you may be able to identify the Holmenkollen Ski-jump. The ferry to the left is going daily to Copenhagen in Denmark, while right behind that one there is another in the far back: The daily ferry to Kiel in Germany. And of course many other landmarks can be seen.

My last photo from Oslo was called "a glimpse of Oslo" - this time you have the whole city in one glimpse surrounded by the hills of Oslo to the West and North (Nordmarka). The photo is taken from the hill Ekeberg in the east.

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