October 13, 2016

October night at the cottage with a touch of Northern Light. Valdres. Norway

I have this mountain cottage in the Southern part of Norway. App. 1000km South of the Polar Circle.
It is very rare that we have the Northern light at this place and in fact this was the first time for many years that we happend to be at the cottage when we also could see the Northern light.

My camera position is a bit to the NorthWest and mostly the green color tells us that we are in the outskirt to register the special Northern light.

For those with interest for the tech: Camera is Lumix GX7 with a 20 mm pancavke lens (1.7). Shutter is 15sec. F-stop 5.6. ISO 800.

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  1. yes, northern lights is in my bucket list also. Pictures are too good and thanks for sharing your Northern lights trip experience