June 6, 2013

The Sultans Copper Tent in Stockholm

What a sight to meet when biking through the green Swedish lake landscape in Hagaparken in Stockholm. Neighboor to the mansion of the crownprincess this strange building reveals itself. Included a museum of the Hagaparken and a cafeteria for some drinks and food. Extraordinaire experience in your Stockholm biking tour....

WIKI: The Sultan's Copper Tents, originally three buildings for the palace guard, designed by the painter Louis Jean Desprez and built during 1787 to 1790. Desprez proposed that all the fa├žades of the buildings should be designed as three Turkish tents, clad in decoratively painted copper plate. However, tent fa├žades were only built on the side facing the main lawns, which still gives the desired illusion of a sultan's encampment on the edge of the forest.

For a complete photo set from our biking tour in Stockholm - just klick here >>


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