June 6, 2013

The Sultans Copper Tent in Stockholm

What a sight to meet when biking through the green Swedish lake landscape in Hagaparken in Stockholm. Neighboor to the mansion of the crownprincess this strange building reveals itself. Included a museum of the Hagaparken and a cafeteria for some drinks and food. Extraordinaire experience in your Stockholm biking tour....

WIKI: The Sultan's Copper Tents, originally three buildings for the palace guard, designed by the painter Louis Jean Desprez and built during 1787 to 1790. Desprez proposed that all the façades of the buildings should be designed as three Turkish tents, clad in decoratively painted copper plate. However, tent façades were only built on the side facing the main lawns, which still gives the desired illusion of a sultan's encampment on the edge of the forest.

For a complete photo set from our biking tour in Stockholm - just klick here >>


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