April 27, 2012

Rhodes / Rodos - The city / byen

View of Rhodes old town within the fortification - from the old watch tower

We arrived with the cruise ship Constellation from Celebrity Cruises to the island and city Rhodes, Greece for a one day stop and sightseeing.
Rhodes was one of in all 7 stops one our cruise crossing the Mediterranian from east to west.

Presenting here some selected photos from the old fortified city of Rhodes.

For a complete photo set click here>>

From WIKI:
Rhodesis the principal city and a former municipality on the island of Rhodes, the farthest island from the mainland of Greece, in the Dodecanese, Greece.
It has a population of approximately 80,000. 
Rhodes has been famous since antiquity as the site of Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 
The citadel of Rhodes, built by the Hospitalliers, is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe which in 1988 was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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