July 30, 2012

Spot the fjord farm in the Geirangerfjord

See the boathouse down by the seaside - and then high up there is the farm in the steep mountain side rising almost vertically from the sea. How come they prefereed to live here the people 2-3 generations back.
- Maybe to avoid the tax collector. Some places it was so steep that they had to use ladders to get up to the farm - and pulling up the ladder effectively stopped the tax collector hehe...

Typical fjord landscape and mountain farm as seen along the Geirangerfjord by Norway Westcoast

A closer look to the fjordfarm up in the mountain side

About Geirangerfjorden from Wiki:

The fjord is one of Norway's most visited tourist sites and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, jointly with Nærøyfjord, since 2005, although this status is now threatened by the disputed plans to build power lines across the fjord.[1] A car ferry, which doubles as a sightseeing trip, is operated by Fjord1 Nordvestlandske. It runs lengthwise along the fjord between the small towns of Geiranger and Hellesylt.
Along the fjord's sides there lie a number of now abandoned farms. Some restoration has been made by the Storfjordens venner association. The most commonly visited among these are Skageflå, Knivsflå, and Blomberg. Skageflå may also be reached on foot from Geiranger, while the others require a boat excursion.

For a complete photo set from the Geirangerfjord - just KLICK here >>


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