January 19, 2014

ON TOUR TO North Cape Norway - day 01 - Trondheim

500 km on a motorway is a piece of cake in most of Europe.
Up here in the north you do some icedancing with your car for hours while you traverse a road with snow and ice - really a bit of stress. Check out a photo from today (below) - out of the car window. (Just for the record this is the colour version......)
Anyway in the afternoon, after 7,5 hrs. at the road I could check in at my hotel in Trondheim - the most central city up here in mid Norway. Position N 63.4327 E 10.4001.
The blue hour photo (above) from the river Nidelven that runs through this fine old town: Trondheim.
Next - going with the coast steamer ( Hurtigruten) for 3 nights. daily updates at this blog..

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