February 23, 2014

Norway Arctic - A Lumix GX7 photo

Tour to Norway, North Cape. Day 04 North of Harstad

As you may have noted I did this tour using my new, mirrorless system camera: Panasonic Lumix GX7.

My 4:3 lens is an Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm (35mm equal= 28-300mm), F4.05.6. (Why I made a choice for the Olympus lens was purely a price question as the equal Lumix lens was considerably more expensive.

Combined with the fact that the main difference, according to some tests, was that the Panasonic had a lens stabilizer which Olympus did not have. On the other hand the new camera have a camera stabilizer build in the house so no big deal.)

After being a Nikon fan through many DSLR years (even before that with the traditional SLR cameras), and then a short period with Canons top compact camera the Canon G1X, I was very impressed reading some tests on my present Panasonic Lumix GX7 mirrorless system camera (comes even with a super electronic viewfinder) - and ended up with the gear as mentioned above.

As an example of the result you can have right out of the RAW file I present this photo taken in the incredible light in north of the Arctic Circle where the sun in January, in the middle of the dark winter, was rising (under my tour) around 9.30AM and was setting around 2.30PM. Some variations depending on how far north I was at the different days.

Today I present you with a jpg version that is totally without any PP Process from the RAW file - that is except for reformatting from 4592x3448 pixels to 1065x800 pixels (click the photo).

(My usually PP process for the photos used in this series is: Cropping, digital noise removal (ev. Classical soft focus), sharpening and adjustment of levels (or curves) (light and contrast). (But as mentioned in this photo only resizing.)

The photo is taken 9.26AM at sunrise, Jan, 22. 2014. According to my sailing plan with the coastal express we was at that time app. at 68 degrees North (a bit north of Harstad) which we departed 8.00AM).

(Are you in any need to see the full size photo - contact me.).

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