February 7, 2014

Norway - early afternoon Aurora Borealis?

Tour to North Cape - day 4

Tour to North Cape, day 04 - Strange arctic light

So early in the afternoon that with your eye it was almost invisible this (supposed) Northern Light - Aurora Borealis.

Sitting by the PC doing some PP on my photo software a complete transmission unfolded to this beautiful (supposed) aurora. I had to increase the contrast and use levels to alter/lower the amount of light in the photo.

Aperture at F/6.4, shutter at 1/200 and ISO 200.

The photo is shot at noon in originally the twilight time so far north this day in January.

When you look at the Northern Light with your eyes it often looks just like a green cloud - while the more significant patterns is more focused from a camera where you shoot with extended shutter times as compared to the version used here.

Anyway I can not tell if it is or not an early rendering of the Aurora Borealis - but it was for sure a strange light to be an "ordinaire" cloud.....


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