February 8, 2014

Norway North - Honningsvaag: Saturday in a Fishermans village

Tour to North Cape. Day 05 Honningsvaag/North Cape

A Saturday at 2 pm in January. A street in suburban Honningsvaag - a small fisherman's village only some 30km from North Cape - the most northern point on the European mainland (to be found at 71 DEG NORTH).

Some more about Honningsvaag from the net:
The area was first settled in prehistory, as much as 10,300 years ago.
The sea was probably the main food source.

Honningsvaag was declared a town in 1996 by the municipal council of Nordkapp. National legislation was passed in 1997 that states that a Norwegian city must have at least 5,000 inhabitants, but since Honningsvåg was declared a city in 1996, it was exempt from this legislation. This makes it one of the smallest cities in Norway with it's app. 2.500 inhabitants.

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