February 25, 2014

Norway - layered sunset in January

Tour to Norway, North Cape. Day 02 - Layered Fjord Sunset

I left the central town of mid Norway, Trondheim, at noon with the coastal express MS Midnatsol.

I am sailing out the Trondheimsfjorden on my way North. At 3.40 PM the sun is setting partly hidden by some low clouds drifting over the sea out there.

From the net:
The Trondheimsfjord an inlet of the Norwegian Sea, is Norway's third longest fjord at 130 kilometres (81 mi) long. It is located in the west central part of the country, and it stretches from Ørland in west to Steinkjer in north, passing the city of Trondheim on its way.

Its maximum depth is 617 metres (2,024 ft), just inside of Agdenes.
The largest islands in the fjord are Ytterøy and Tautra; the small Munkholmen is located near the harbor of Trondheim; and there are several islands at the entrance of the fjord.

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