March 18, 2014

Norway, Senja - Magical Arctic Light

Norway Arctic. Day 04 - The Magical Arctic light

That afternoon at 11.45 AM we departed the village Finnsnes on our way north. Right ahead of the ship we see the grand bridge from the mainland and over to the island Senja. And then: What a magic light - already at this time of the day in late January the sunset is making it's magic in the lightly clouded sky (of course some minor adjustment of contrast and color adjustments expose the light even better in the presented result (but no HDR or exaggerated adjustments)).

Our screens looks often different - Still study the strange light apparently in the clouds in the left part (under the big cloud). Regard the strange colors - not red, not blue but maybe in the direction of green. Is it possible that we have a very early glimpse of the coming Northern Light? (that later in the evening was quite strong this day). I don't know.

Anyway this journey was for me a total surprise with days that I within a few hrs had those stunning sunrises and sunsets.

From the net:

Gisund Bridge is a cantilever road bridge on Norwegian County Road 86 in Troms county, Norway.

The bridge crosses the Gisundet strait from the town of Finnsnes on the mainland to the village of Silsand on the island of Senja.

The 1,147-metre (3,763 ft) long bridge has 25 spans, the main span being 143 metres (469 ft) long. The maximum clearance to the sea below the bridge is 41 metres (135 ft). Gisund Bridge was opened on 23 June 1972.

Senja - Norways second largest island

Senja (Northern Sami: Sážžá) is the second largest island in Norway (not counting Svalbard).

Norwegian musician Moddi comes from the island and his music has been said to have been influenced by the beauty of the island.

Senja is located along the Troms county coastline with Finnsnes as the closest town. The municipalities located on Senja are Lenvik (part of which is on the mainland), Berg, Torsken, and Tranøy. Senja had 7782 inhabitants as of 1 January 2008.

The north and western coasts of Senja are facing the open sea. Here, steep and rugged mountains rise straight from the sea, with some fishing villages (like Gryllefjord, Husøy) wherever there is some lowland. The eastern and southern parts of the island are milder, with rounder mountains, forests, rivers and agriculture land.

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