March 28, 2014

Norway - The North Cape Center

Norway tour to North Cape - Day 06, the north Cape Center.

5 photos stitched.
In Norway visitors to the North Cape are in the thousands in the season, annually app. 250.000 visitors. But try to be there in a day in January - especially a day without any stop from the Hurtigruten (Coastal Express) in the nearby village Honningsvåg.
As it was this particular grey day in January. The daily car convoy, lead by a huge snow plow, consisted of only 4 cars and maybe 12 visitors that simply just disappeared in the huge North Cape Center or in outside activities. Illustrated here in a photo stitch of 5 photos from the North Cape Plateau with the people near the "Children of the World Sculpture", the big Hall in the center and the Arctic globe monument at far right.
The North Cape Hall
For several hundred years, the North Cape, which is located at 71°10'21, has attracted people from every corner of the globe. The globe monument erected in 1978 has become the actual symbol for the North Cape. At present, Nordkapphallen (North Cape Hall) is firmly ensconced on the massive cliff, 307 m above sea level, and marks the northernmost tip of Europe, representing the final frontier with the arctic sea.
Nordkapphallen (North Cape Hall) is open all year round and is a tourist centre for visitors to the North Cape. The centre offers a host of facilities.

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