May 23, 2014

Chateau Royale in Collioure, South of France

Chateau Royale in Collioure, South of France
What a history this small town on the border to Spain can present. In the center through the centuries of ownership to Muslims, Spains, French and Catalan conquestores.
Maybe the most glorious periode for this castle was in the days when it was regarded as a summer palace for the king of Mallorca (In the Catlan periode). At the time when Collioure also was regarded as harbour town for the region center Perpignan.
After the middle of the 1600s it has been included in the French region Languedoc-Rousillon.
The castle is dividing the little town in two. This photo made a fine day in May is a stitch of 3 photos. (All PP in my ipad2).

This photo taken from the hills to Madeloc presents Collioure and the great sand beaches north of Collioure along the Rousillon coast

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