May 15, 2014

The Guardian by the medieval bridge in Camprodon, Catalonia / Spain

Catalan weekend tour: Collioure - Ceret - Prats de Mollo La Preste
(all in French Catalonia. For the rest of the tour it will be: Spanish Catalonia ):
Molló - Camprodon - Castellfollit de La Roca - Besalu
and then back to Collioure.
Today: The village Camprodon, Catalonia / Spain
Spot the old man who could be (for all I know) the Guardian by the old medieval bridge over the river who runs through the village Camprodon in Catalonia / Spain. (2 photos stitched)
The village was established almost a 1000 years ago in 1118 connected to the monestary Sant Pere du Camprodon.
Some more info of this bridge from another Flickr page:
The Medieval Pont Nou (New Bridge) is the landmark of the small town of Camprodon, in the foothills of the Catalan Pyrenees. It spans the river Ter, and is believed to date from the late 12th century, despite the fact that the dates sculpted on each of its two gates refer to the 16th and 17th centuries. It is also believed that there was an older bridge in the town, hence the name "New Bridge".

Above some locals from Camprodon in a friendly passiar
Hectic at the local Sunday market
Another view to the old medieval bridge in this Catalan village

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