May 5, 2014

Wild flowers by lake Raho near Perpignan in South of France

The month of May with all the flowers and aromas of the spring is always something to look forward to in South of France.

It is a track going around the artificial lake Raho that takes app. 2 hrs. to walk - a well spent time....

From the net:

Lake Raho near Perpignan in South of France.

Originally created in the 70s as a reservoir to supply local agriculture, the lake at

Villeneuve-de-la-Raho quickly became a leisure area for sailing, fishing and sunbathing on the beaches specially created to accommodate the growing number of locals and tourists attracted to it for its easy access.

Only 15 minutes from Perpignan centre (direction Porte Espagne/Barcelona) this lake is used all year round for walkers and joggers and also provides the water necessary in case of forest fires.


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