June 1, 2014

Modern wedding at the farm, Norway

Well they did not had the wedding itself at the farm - but after the formalities in the church they returned to the farm of the brides parents in the countryside app. 50 km southeast of Oslo.

No horse and carriage or even some veteran car - now in these days nothing less but their rented helicopter of the day.

We was out biking and nearly had the copter in the head - of course we stopped to have a memory of the event (and of course for a photog who always carry his camera around - but not today... typical)

Anyway enjoy the 2 photos stitch (based on photos from my iphone4) - with the bride in the back and some aunts in the foreground dressed in original Norwegian folk dresses (apparently from two different valleys based on the colors/pattern of their dresses).

--and BTW our tour on the bikes was in all 43km - at a perfect day,,

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