June 17, 2014

The horse carriages and more in Krakow, Poland

A popular way for getting around in the old town. Captured here as a carriage returns to the main square.
(Seems like the pair up there was not on the same smiling course..... :-)

From the net:
The most romantic way to tour Kraków is in one of the many horse-drawn carriages, which line up at the northern end of Rynek Główny and on ul Grodzka opposite the Church of St Andrew. You decide which route you want to take, or leave it up to the driver to take you for a trot round the sights of the Old Town or even down to Kazimierz.

Some musicians on their way in their busy Krakow moring

How is it to stand in a window making Krakow chocolate?

Our tour to Krakow was sponsored by cracowdays.com

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