September 16, 2014

Storebelt bridge, Korsor, Denmark

Storebelt bridge, Korsor, Denmark

Very difficult to have this 18km bridge in one photo. Even this stitch of 3 offer some "strange" lines here and there...

The photo is made from the aft deck of the big car ferry MS Color Fantasy after passing under the great bridge some minutes before.

Some more of the bridge from the net:
The 18 km long fixed link across Storebælt comprises two bridges and a tunnel.
Construction work on Storebælt took place from 1988-1998. The motorway across Storebælt opened in 1998 and the railway opened in 1997.
The construction costs for the entire Storebælt project totalled DKK 21.4 billion in 1988 prices.

Find under here another photo from the car ferry just after passing the great bridge.

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