December 22, 2014

Christmas at the mountain house in Valdres, Norway

Christmas at the mountain house in Valdres, Norway

App. 3,5 hrs. NorthWest of Oslo we have our mountain house. Perfect to visit in the Christmas days. While there is little snow in Oslo, up here in the low mountains we have plenty for a white Christmas. A local farmer have plowed the road making it possible to drive right up to the door.

With no electricity we have to fire up our wood ovens for a couple of hours before the place is warm and comfy.
The lights come from our in house batteries loaded by solar panels.
 But of course also from lots of candle lights to have the moody setting up here in the winter darkness.

And then after some cold nights it is always exciting to see if the car will start (which is usually does - problems may occur if the temperature drops to under -30C (which is not expected this year)).

A Merry Christmas to all of you

Under: The small cottage for our guests

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