July 8, 2015

Coast of Norway: Intro

Coast of Norway: Intro

Welcome aboard for a long 2 400 km sailing along the Coast of Norway.

This time with the coastal express from Hurtigruten: MS Nordkapp going from the small Arctic town Kirkenes - close to the Russian border and then South to Bergen at our West Coast.

This series started with my sailing to North Cape in January 2014. At that time in the winter darkness. This tour will be in the Midnight Sun (hopefully as clouded weather is reported for most of the trip).

The itinerary will be: Plane from Oslo to Kirkenes. MS Nordkapp along the coast south to Bergen (app 2 400km). And then finally after 6 days a plane from Bergen to Oslo.

This photo a stitch of 4 photos in Lofoten, Norway

Arriving in Tromsø a winter afternoon in January

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