July 18, 2015

Coast of Norway: Vardo / Vardø a small fortress in the NorthEast

A town with a small fortress that already was there in the medival times as a defense against aggresive Russians and Swedes claiming ownership to this part of the Arctic.

Look to the great round (dome) antenna buildings in the back. Super secret monitoring of Russian activities at sea and in the air 24/7. In a "warm" conflict probably one of the first places to be "taken out" by Putin and his men.....

Beside of that it is fishery that is the name of the game for the app. 2 000 inhabitants on this small island that have 1 visit by the coastal express pr. day. They also have a small airport with 4 departures a day or you can take the underwater tunnel if you arrive by car - all for serving the 2000 who lives here.....

In spite of the good communications people are leaving town as the population for just some years ago was up to 4 000,

The old canons at the wall of the small fortress will probably not be very scaring for Putins men should they want to visit....

Street art in the harbour of Vardø

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