August 3, 2015

Coast of Norway: No Sunset + No sunrise = Midnight Sun

After 2 nights with clouded weather and no sun I waked up at 4AM as we was coming to the small place Finnsnes for a short stop. Through the curtains in the cabin I could see the bright sunlight and was within minutes up on deck for some photos of the sun that was still there shining brightly at one of those days with Midnight Sun up here in the Arctic.

They have midnight sun for several weeks in the summer as they have no sun a long period in the winter 
(the most extreme of this is if you are to the North Pole where the they will have 1 night and 1 day during a year - each lasting app. 6 months.....)

Later in the morning, after breakfast on-board I was met outside, on the deck, with a bright super fine summer day. 
Here we are passing another island on our way South of Tromsø and Harstad

We are not too far from Vesterålen and Lofoten as we pass this little settlement along the coast. Regard the hills that are now filled with trees as compared to the tree-less landscape further North.

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