August 1, 2015

Coast of Norway - places to live in the Arctic

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A part of our coast that we pass on our voyage in the arctic landscape of Finnmark County high up in the North of Norway.

Even in this wild landscape people have found places good and attractive for living. 

You probably should enlarge the photo to see the few scattered houses out here in the neighborliness of the Barentz sea.

Her we are passing the island Loppa and can view the small church placed on the sheltered side of the island versus the big ocean to be found on the "outer" side.

Wiki: Loppa Church (Norwegian: Loppa kirke) is located in the village of Loppa on the sparsely populated island of Loppa. 
The small white wooden church was built in 1953. The church seats about 150 people, but it is rarely used since the island has few residents.

BTW Have you noticed that the landscape in this part of Norway is without trees...
The arctic climate up here is to cold, to windy and with to short summers to have the trees here.

Some time after we cross the border from Finnmark to Troms county we pass another small settlement placed in the grand nature to be found along the coast of Norway. 
The small white dots to the left are two mobile homes - staying here a few days - probably for fishing...

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