October 7, 2015

Alstahaug, Norway - Peter Dass and the meeting point for the Coastal Express

Sailing along the coast of Helgeland we can ashore have a glimpse of the church where the poet priest of Nordland Peter Dass was active in the 1700.

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Petter Dass. Poet.
Petter Dass was a Lutheran priest and the foremost Norwegian poet of his generation, writing both baroque hymns and topographical poetry.

With app. 12 ships in the Coastal Express Service you are bound to meet 1 ship a day at your 12 day T/R trip Bergen - Kirkenes. And also from time to time meeet and anchor in the same harbor.
Such a meeting point is Rørvik in North Trondelag where our ship MS Nordkapp was meeting MS Kong Harald on this day in July

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