February 5, 2016

The fishing sjark comes home - Oslofjorden, Norway

This afternoon I decided to spend in the small fishing harbour Utgårdskilen app. 1,5hrs. drive from my home.
Out here at the archipelago Hvaler there is in the winter only some few inhabitants - while in the summer there is people all over to enjoy the sea and the beautiful coastal landscape.

Still in the winter there is some  10-12 fishing sjarks operating out from the harbour in Utgårdskilen. small boats with one or two men aboard . 50% of their catch is made by trawling for shrimps, the rest of their catch is made up of various fishes from this outer part of the Oslofjord.

This afternoon I could spot 3 sjarks coming in after a day out at the fishing banks. They was returning around 4PM - just before sunset that is at 4:30PM this time of the year.

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