March 12, 2016

At Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Norway: Sunrise and sunset within 30 minutes

We are out traveling with a dog sled in Bolterdalen at Spitsbergen.
When suddenly there is a sunrise and then half an hour later there is a sunset.

At Svalbard 78DEG North and neighbor to the North Pole they have not had sun since the end of October last year  - but in this week in March the sun was back - at least for a very short time.

Nature begins to prepare for the midnight sun coming in June.
What a world.

BTW Maybe this photo was a bit overexposed - but believe me shooting from a dog sled, with 12 Alaska Huskies in full speed, with fingers hardly flexible at all from the cold you just skip the finer details of adjusting your camera settings.....

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