March 12, 2016

How to park a dogsled at Svalbard, Norway

After a 3hrs tour with 6 dogs from Green Dog in Longyearbyen at Spitsbergen Thomas and Milla is returning with their dogsled.  

The eager dogs are still pulling at full while Thomas is having a foot on the brakes to slow down and stop the dogs.  You can see in his right hand that he is holding the anchor which must be placed in the snow to keep the dogs in place after they have stopped. Simple as that.

The Green Dog do two such trips twice a day in the season mainly for people with no experience from dogsleds - and usually everyone come back full of enthusiasm for the experience. 
Some instructions before the tour is all training needed.
And of course both Thomas and Milla is dresssed in Thermodresses from Green Dog to keep them warm in the cold Arctic day.

Finally the dogs have to be returned to their small "houses" at the kennel - as Milla is doing right here:

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