May 28, 2016

Arriving in Lysekil at the WestCoast of Sweden

We are closing in to Lysekil and have this fine view from the ferry arriving from Skafto island.
The typical city prophile with the big church overlooking the harbour from it's placement up on a hill.

Typical street view in Lysekil:

From the net :Lysekil
Situated on the outhermost tip of the peninsula - with the Gullmar fjord to the east and the ocean to the west - there is always water in sight. Once a fishing village, Lysekil is now a town that gives emphasis to the industry and tourism.
Stroll the lanes of Gamlestan (Old Town), the original Lysekil of the 18th century. Visit the Maritime House and the provincial museum Vikarvet. Then continue along the water until you reach the Stångehuvud nature reserve.
Fiskebäckskil is only 10 minutes away by ferry-boat. There are daily boats leaving for the Gullholmen and Käringön islands and northbound along the coast to Smögen.

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